• 240mm x 240mm (9.44882 inches x 9.44882 inches) for standard shield. The domed version is larger.
  • 0.5 mm (0.02 inches) thick PETG sheet. You can use Polycarb if you have a CNC/flatbed cutter (NOTE: Please don’t use polycarb with your laser cutter). Due to material shortages, you can go slightly thinner and up to .04 inches.
  • Can be cut with laser or flatbed cutter.


Download flat files are available in Illustrator, PDF and PNG formats. Please reach out on Slack if you need additional formats for your cutter.

Cut Files

Shipping/Packaging Info

  • We ask that you ship in increments of 20.
  • Please write the # of parts and date of the last production on the box.
  • Then, fill out the donation form here. This will allow us to keep track of all contributions.

Based on your location, we have two hubs available you can ship to.

Synergy Mill – Maker Space Greenville
400 Birnie Street Suite B
Greenville, SC, 29611

Maker Nexus
234 East Caribbean Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
If being dropped off, leave outside their front door.